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Snoopy asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 8 months ago

What would make this person a control freak?

Sun Leo

Moon Sagittarius

Mercury Virgo

Venus Leo

Mars Virgo

Saturn Aquarius

I was harassed by tgis person for at least the last 4 years and I noticed she had added me on what's app and had obtained my phone cv and other personal info somehow, details of my family in Switzerland and my dad's origins which are Iranian. I presume illegally.

I still can't understand how was this possible and why rrhe person appears calm on the surface when obviously is trying to control me. And why this person doesn't understand trying to control me is against the law if not wrong.

I'm surprised by the lack of integrity. I also stressed by this nervous and negative energy. This person caused a lot of problems ibmy life. Particularly my carer and plagiarised three of my works by publishing them with her name. It wasn't someone I was acquainted but I felt this aggression when I was questioned by her in the past.

I was cheated on with her by this guy I have recently decided to forget about as I don't like him anymore as I realised mutual love is more valuable and abuse and cheating or harm are not love.

I also feel objectified which disgusts me for his gf's pleasure which is pretty sick actually.

They also made me very anxious and nervous and ended up hospitalised and in therapy. I used to be so calm happy and loved. These people changed me and damaged me.

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  • Snoopy
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    8 months ago

    Yeah all these typos are ridiculous. Sorry about that. I'm on mobile. But i obviously meant career*.

    I don't think I get along with these nervous individuals. The guy I was friends with was Pisces Sun

    Libra moon

    Pisces mercury

    Venus Aries

    Mars Taurus

    Saturn Gemini.

    So where's this attraction how did this 'woman'/girl manage to turn him against me.

    Are these people spoiled?

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