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How would you know if you have been deceived (trucked) into believing a lie?

Obviously we cannot all be right; but we all think we are.

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    First, I believe what the apostle Paul said...Let God be true and every man a liar.

    That includes me. Not intentionally but partly wrong.

    Knowing this helps.

    I proceed with caution as nothing is as it seems.

    That's fascinating to me.

    I wonder what the Lord will show me.

    Thus I'm less likely to get in traps.

    But I have done. Again, the Lord rescued me.

    So many got into traps!

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    10 months ago

    HOW ( by what means )

    would you KNOW ( be aware through observation inquiry and information )

    IF ( condition that or supposition ) you

    have BEEN ( past tense Key word )

    DECEIVED ( caused to believe something that is not truth typically to gain some personal advantage )

    into BELIEVING ( a persons conviction of a proposition or allegation to BE THE CASE .... without direct Knowledge ) ....

    . the answer is in the very DEFINITIONS of the words used to construct the question

    that the submitter of the question possibly did not KNOW the definitions

    OBSERVATION INQUIRY and INFORMATION ... the process of investigation

    as to TRUCKED ... perhaps TRICKED

    perhaps playing on human GULLIBILITY .

    .. I am a SKEPTIC ... i do a lot of questioning .. inquiry investigation

    BOB was found in BED having sexual intercourse with JANE

    by Cathy .. the wife of Bob .. that was not by HEAR SAY but actual physical observation and there were credit card charges at certain hotels and video of the two entering the hotel together on various occasions

    LOL a PERSON only KNOWS they were DECEIVED

    after the FACT that they were DECEIVED ...( remember the word been ) .

    so the solution is to NOT be so GULLIBLE

    do your DUE DILIGENCE

    before accepting a proposition or allegation to question

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  • 10 months ago

    Deception, as you say, is deceiving. We do believe it initially. But usually it collides with something else fairly soon, and that's our tip to re-investigate it.

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  • j153e
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    10 months ago

    A truth-claim may be true, along a series of levels and sets, or it may be true for some situations and not for others, or it may be false. A lie is an intent to deceive, whether consciously or otherwise.

    Truth has, truths have, a context; in the context of God, Truth is absolute, revealed to one extent or another. In the context of atomism, truth is propositional, a stated thesis or premise, and confirmed by atom-based evidence, usually repeatable.

    If you are dealing with God, there is Self-realization or Prophetic presentation, confirmed by signs following. If you are dealing with atomic realism, usually truth-claims are made in conventional disciplines. These latter are comprised of inter-monadic communities of knowers, "scientists." With these, one knows by argument to authority. With God, similar arguments to authority (proven Prophets) are the general procedure.

    Some truth-claims are unprovable in the axiomized system that develops them (Godel's Incompleteness Theorems); to prove or disprove these, one needs a second framing, a more completely axiomized system.


    People of the Lie;

    On Bullsh*t by Harry Frankfurt;

    Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life;

    Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet.

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  • 10 months ago

    If any of the Questions or answers came from an "anon".

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    10 months ago

    First, you're asking one of the deepest questions in all of philosophy on yahoo answers, which means the responses you're going to get will be borderline retarded.

    "What is Truth" "What do I know"

    Descartes' Mediations is an easily start, as he rejects all of reality on the basis that his senses could be used to deceive him. How we interact with the world, even our very perception of it is based on our senses. Many people might "hear" an internal voice, but this is a manner of processing information in a way that the conscious mind is able to comprehend.

    THOUGHT needs no "inner voice" and people who were born deaf often do not have these "inner voices" when processing thought.

    Hence Plato's allegory of the cave, we are are blinded by what we perceive to be reality when it is merely shadows being cast upon a wall of a much bigger reality. The world is not the shadows, the world is not the cave, the world is much bigger and much stranger.

    Much of what we now call "fact" emerged from things that were once considered fact but then "debunked" as science continues to evolve. It is only through our arrogance as humans do we, in every generation, believe we know everything about the world and there can be no higher precipice

    All of science can come crashing down on us, everything we believed to be reality can switch. Even things we once thought to be false can easily be shown to be true once we grow past this adolecent arrogance of believing we're progressing to a more refined science rather than simply making new theories that completely contradict the old.

    Quantum Physics, Newtonian Mechanics, and General Relativity are accepted as fact, but each one completely contradicts the other. They SEEM to work, but they're just models of reality.

    All models are wrong, some are useful.

    So what is it that we truly know? What is truth? What is fact?

    Could all of existence have come into place last Thursday? The FACT is that it could have. We rely on BELIEFS that existence has been and continues to be, we could be turning on and off while decades pass but to our limited perspective this is the normal way of life.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Grab a coffee and go sit by yourself and think about it. Facts vs fable. What can be proven to be true vs what is only said to be true because it is in a book that has unverifiable history. Nothing can be proved.

    . I believe in FACTS. Stories passed down over the ages is still just a story. "Sorry I did not go out with Sally 9 months ago so the kid ain't mine"

    Don't be so vague with the question. Watch AronRa on Utube a few of his vids as that may answer you question.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    If you’ve believed a lie only the truth will set you free... but you’ve got to be hungry for it.

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  • 10 months ago

    The word "trucked" means to transport something by vehicle (a truck).

    If you are not sure if you were tricked, then you probably were.

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  • A.J.
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    10 months ago

    Independent verification when possible

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