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why do bj penn and anderson silva continue to fight even though they are over the hill?

They used to be dominant champs now they lost all time. They surely don't need money and yet they keep doing it ruining their legacies and records

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    Fighting and training to fight is something that has dominated their lives for many years. It defined who they were and what they were about in life. Ending that all together is pretty hard for most because they still have their competitive spirit and drive usually and it is an environment that they are comfortable in socially and otherwise. That and both are relatively young in terms of their age; too young to fully retire on their money financially really when you consider it needs to sustain them for 35-45 years more. By staying active in it they are doing something that they are comfortable with while still maybe making a little more money, although not the big money they were once making.

    Many people when they retire struggle with some of that mentally and socially because work and what they did definned them so much and it dominated their lives. You usually see that with individuals much older but in this case you are seeing it with athletes like some fighters for the reasons I mention above.

  • 8 months ago

    cause they enjoy fighitng

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