My Virgo male " friends with benefits " ... does he like me ?

Didn't start our "FWB" until a year ago ; known him since 2013 . Lately he's been more comfortable around me , he finds every reason to try and touch me , he pays for everything ( Ubers, drinks, etc ) , He even made a joke and said he would give the food delivery driver a bad review and said they tried to his on his wife ( wife meaning me ) , he also kissed me for the first time during sex last weekend .. is he falling for me ? or .. is this a virgo thing ? should i be more open next time with romantic gestures ? also im a Dec Sag

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    If you two are FWB, this is ONLY about sex for him. If you withheld the sex, he would be gone because it isn't you that he cares about.

    Any may who actually cares about the woman wants to "seal the deal" and make her his gf ... so no other guy can steal her heart.

    Men do not fall for girls over time. They either fall the MINUTE they first see her ... or they don't fall at all.

    Now GIRLS DO fall in love over time. You are making the mistake of thinking that men are like women.

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  • 9 months ago

    he might like you

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