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How do i convince my mom to let me go to a cheer gym i want go to even though it is far and there is lots of traveling involved.?

I’ve done competition cheer most of my life and I LOVE IT!!! It is everything to me but once i was old enough for school cheer i quit competition for my school. I’ve done school cheer for two years and it is fun, but i don’t just want fun. Competition let me show my skills and be involved with everything, traveling to new places and seeing teams show what they have! My school team is fun but the girls are stuck up and mean. They like to think they are sooo good but in reality i m really surprised that they made the team. I also have a new coach who has never taught cheer but taught drill. She makes everyone feel like we are on the drill team so we try making suggestions of things that make us look better as a team and perform better at games overall, but she won’t listen, she doesn’t care and what she says goes. I have grown BORED of having to sit in the hot sun and fake a smile every time i turn to cheer on my losing team. I want to do competition cheer for the rest of the time i have as a kid but my mom doesn’t want me to. My old gym closed down so the only option i have is and AMAZING gym that is 40 minutes away. My mom doesn’t want to have to drive that far for all of my practices and she also doesn’t like the traveling for competition. How do i convince her to let me do the ONLY thing i want to do!!!! I am a freshman and only have so long, please help with ideas to convince her!!!!!!

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  • 9 months ago

    maybe you should get a bike so your mom dont have to drive you

    • Lauren9 months agoReport

      it’s a 40 min drive

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