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What's the laser weapon?

Can the beams go through the walls?

2-Is wifi a electomagnetic beam? How can electricity transport data? Some internets are via the electric wires.

3-What's a infrared weapon? And a ultrasound weapon?

4-What's an electromagnetic field? How is it generated? Gamma ray pico meter;

5-What's John Hutchinson effect?

6-Why are people putting a radio in some videos to constat electromagnetic beams?

7- From where is wifi irradiated?

8-After a noise in the electric panel 2 outlets are not working in the kitchen as one in the bath. But one is working in the kitchen. Is the electricity leaving the electric panel? What's the tool to know until where arrive

the electricity?

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes, the electricity is leaving the outlets and hiding in the bathroom. It attacks your brain when you sleep. the only way to stop it is wrap your head in at least 3 layers of aluminium foil. Wet a towel and place it over the foil and then remove the tracking device in your nose (this hurts a bit)

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  • 9 months ago

    only if the beam is powerful enough to burn through the wall, which takes a very large laser

    you asked this before. Wifi is electromagnetic radiation, but not in a beam

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