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Should I apologise for my behaviour to my teacher 10 years on?

I been thinking should I apologise to a teacher for fancying him? There is a story behind this so basically I had a crush on one of my teachers I was 14 at the time and I fell head over heels for this man. He use to comment on how I look and make conversation with me every time I walked passed. It turned out I did have a slight obsession with him. Obviously my friends at the time found out I think basically the whole school knew ! Anyway this is why I want to apologise my friends at the time decided to pretend to be him on social media which being young I fell for it . My school life was troubled after this I was ashamed and broken after finding out my friends could do something like this. I was bullied and hurt . It was a big impact on my life as I remeber having to go to have a police interview because of all this i still don t know the whole story myself but it effected my school life I didn t enjoy school at all and felt after this I disrepected my teacher and nearly cost his job after a stupid crush! And I feel like it s my fault for all this . I never had a chance to apologise to him so I m thinking is it time to say sorry now ? Is it too late to say sorry ? Or should you not bring a pass up? He doesn t work at the school no more and I just feel guilty and ashame by all this .I m a honest person and I hate to feel I upset someone for my silly mistakes it s been 10 years and I still feel the need to say I am sorry for my behaviour. I hope you can help with my question .

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  • Nathan
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    No. The teacher probably forgot you were a student there, if you have kept in contact and/or are friends now then he's probably put it behind him. Bringing something up like this 10 years later employed that you still have feelings for him and could make him feel uncomfortable.

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  • 9 months ago

    Nobody believes you :(

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