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Why am I like this?

So I want to have heaps of friends but i never want to hang out with them. Like I'm not really a busy person at least they what my perents say. I work 3 days a week at the supermarket and hate it and I go to course the other 2 days. Why do I hate people? Why do I want to be on my own? On the weekend I get one day to myself the other day my friend calls me and wants to hang out and I never want to it's like every damm week I need a break. Why am I always always so tired? I wake up at 12 and eat and watch a few videos And then I sleep again for like an hour. I just don't like life or anything

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    People suck sometimes. I don't like people either. So I just have my boyfriend, 2 dogs and 2 cats. We live on a small farm. I'm pretty happy, so glad to get out of the city. Although, at work and school it's hard to avoid people unless you do it at home. Oh well, that's just life. It is worth it in the end, gotta get education and money some how. You don't have to hang out with friends if you don't want to. Just be you, doing what makes you happy..

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    It's very possible you feel exhausted exactly because of the time you spend sleeping. I've found out I have way more energy if I wake up early and keep myself busy. So maybe the answer is in the question itself.

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