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is Rustoleum paint okay to use as a "primer paint" before spraying the more expensive auto paint on a vehicle?

if have previously sprayed Rustoleum paint on a vehicle , but now want to spray a more expensive "automotive paint" on it....did the Rustoleum paint underneath serve any purpose at least? as a primer?

(used both primer and paint in Rustoleum brand)


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    Rustoleum spray paints are single-stage solvent-borne products that use evaporation and drying to form a weaker chemical and physical bond than automotive paints. Automotive paints are normally 2 part (or more) polyesters or epoxies that have much higher solids levels than spray cans; it's like comparing watercolors with artist oil paints from tubes for consistency. Will have to often thin an automotive paint to get it to spray well in a paint gun supplied with compressed air and a good level of CFMs and not just pressure. A spray can just can't push out the air volumes and viscosities very well.

    There are spray acid-etch primers and some paint shops can supply a 2K (2 part) primer spray that mixes in the can, but has to be used within a certain time. Again, automotive paints are chemically active when mixed so they bond or polymerize much harder than even old school single stage auto paints, which has a high solids count and oil-based so solvents evaporate and the paint cures. I compare it to using fiberglass resin or J-B Weld to mixed Jello left out in the sun to bake out the water. Automotive paints use expensive color additives, fixatives, and materials like titanium and silicates for the viscosity and bonding needs; so the materials and expertise to make all work is expensive. That is just tip of the iceberg information when it comes to paints.

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      I have waited a couple of years to sand and paint with more rustoleum paint enamel on top of what I have. and had not any problems. I just sand in between coats. and now has a total of about 2.5 gallons of Rustoleum enamel paint on entire truck

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    no dont it wont work as primer, they have rustoleum primers buy that

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      Only Rustoleum primer specific for metal bonding/automotive applications would work, like an acid-etch product for spot painting. Better off getting to bare metal and original paint because good paint won't bond with single-stage stuff and ruin the process. Then a build primer/primer-sealer.

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