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What are some examples of gynocentrism in the U.S.?


Ways society caters to females....

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    A few ways society caters to females:

    Affirmative action for women

    Women exempt from selective service registration

    Women owned business advantages

    Courts go easier on female criminals

    Bureau of Women’s Health, but not the reverse.

    More acceptable for women to not work or work less.

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  • 5 months ago

    Too many and as an avid researcher on feminism and what happened in 2018 mid term polls of US and even in my own country .....i only wish i could carry on as i used to but time and age and women make demands ....and it is time to bow out ...having done my part .

    The learning for the new generation MGTOWs and MRAs and those who are aspiring to be humanists:

    First study and read and be master of your product knowledge which is in contention

    Second learn from feminism....unlike what they say now this was a great movement back in 20th century !!!

    Third not give any quarter nor ask for any this war there is no room for humanity

    Fourth not let politics and your devotion to social reform cloud your personal life....i have suffered for this and it is mindless stupidity goes on !!!

    Fifth law of your land like an mad and thirsty fanatic and if possible try and become one ....:)

    Last and not the least ...always be a servant to parents and motherland and the nation ....they are all that matters !!!

    Source(s): MISOA...i now take up gynocentrism at an constitutional level ...and even yahoo will be made to answer why it is not in their spell checker ....cheers lads !!!
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  • TNO
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    5 months ago

    The big one that I can think of is cases of divorce and child custody. The courts tend to favor women's comfort or role as a parent than they do men's. I'm NOT a "men's rights activist", but I do agree that this is one area where women tend to come out on top based on their gender.

    But I think overall our society is pretty neutral, or at least strives to be. Where there many be some more gynocentric elements, there are some more androcentric (or whatever the opposing term is) things such as a greater appreciation for men's sports over women's in everything but tennis. We can always strive to be better towards the sexes but I think overall it balances out: When it comes to sex, it at least doesn't suck to be male or female in the States.

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  • 5 months ago

    Domestic abuse laws.

    Abortion "rights".

    More lenient sentences for women criminals.

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