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lala asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 1 year ago

Horoscope section?

By transit Neptune trine natal venus

you meet your soul mate ?? True or false

It did for my husband

53 yrs of marriage

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    In order to really know if that aspect along with a progressive chart and the synastry report is meaningful or relevant , you would need the vital statistics records of couples that match or closely matched your charts. If it is just the aspect, you would need to do a research poll from around the world of couples married 53 years.

    I met my mate when we were both toddlers.

    Btw..Star Trek celebrates their 53rd anniversary

    Have a great day

  • Janet
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    1 year ago

    Transiting Neptune trine Natal Venus puts YOU in a more-romantic frame of mind. It is quite like that whoever you met during that transit would have felt like your "soul mate".

    According to ancient yogic philosophy, which is where "soulmates" comes from, most of us do NOT have soulmates. Two decide to speed up their spiritual evolution by being mates for many lifetimes and making each other SO miserable, that they more quickly renounce things of the world and turn to God alone.

    Congratulations on 53 years of a happy marriage. Since you two ARE happy ... you two are NOT soulmates. Be thankful.

    Do you know that experts say that only 12.5% of all couples end up staying together AND being happy. You two are certainly doing something right!

    As for interpreting transits, I recommend Robert Hand's "Planets in Transit". Look for it second-hand on amazon. Each possible major transit has about a page of psychological delineations. Astrology is really only accurate about internal dynamics.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    So you credit astrology and both your birth times? Could never happen if either of you were different signs? What did astrology say was the important factors before Neptune was discovered and officially named?

    Say-so personal anecdotes have no value. Even broken clocks are right twice a day. It makes no sense to rule out a relationship due to fate of birth.

    You and Ms. 40-50 factors claim decades of knowledge but can’t show it works and how it works.

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