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Is Aquarius cold version of Scorpio?

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    many scorpios have an external persona similar to aquarius, and they have similar ways of speech and are drawn to similar energies. how ever, internally they r veryyyyy different

    • Laura9 months agoReport

      Agreed, they can be very alike on the outside, but when you get pass their protective walls, they're couldn't be more different, complete opposites.

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  • Xi
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    9 months ago

    Nah it’s a cold version of Gemini.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Aquarius IS NOT SCORPIO

    Scorpio have Heart  Scorpio are Strong  Scorpio act Human

    Aquarius is none of this

    YES Aquarius is the Coldest Sign of the Zodiac

    Every Aquarius acts just like this Aquarius

    Every Aquarius acts just like this Aquarius the black guy in the video in my comments who's in the car he's aquarius. They're all lame. They try really hard to be Mean, cold, obnoxious, and evil retards just to try and prove something to themselves. And because they always look like butt in the face nobody cares no matter what they say or how hard they try and be a holes. It's funny to watch.They have the brain of 2 year olds and the personality to match

    Why do they all act like the one in the video? This one shows typical cold hateful Aquarius guy who thought the uber driver was a stranger and like a typical cold, mean, trashy aquarius told her she was ugly, old, and even talked about her vagina being loose and dusty. Mind you the aquarius himself is in his late 20s almost 30s. She said her fake age was 36.


    Another one. A typical cold hateful aquarius female trying to pick on a Scorpio but looses because the Scorpio is strong and not weak like aquarius. The Aquarius is the dark skin angry female. Aquarius started it the scorpio finished it


  • 9 months ago

    Aquarius and scorpio both are fixed sign

    ....... maybe yes

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  • Janet
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    9 months ago

    No one is ONE Sign. In fact, everyone has ALL 12 Signs in their personal unique birthchart.

    Aquarius is an Air Sign, so the priority for any need/planet IN Aquarius will be to try to be logical and impartial.

    It is a Fixed Sign, so the style of action for the need of any planet in Aquarius will not be very flexible.

    And Aquarius is ruled by Uranus - the planet/need to BE an individual .. .so any planet IN Aquarius indicates an inner need that follows its own rules.

    But no one IS "an Aquarius". That is just a zodiac Sign and we are all 12 Signs. It is just that whatever Signs had any of the 10 planets moving through the at the moment WE were born .. .those Signs will be a stronger influence on us than the Signs that had no planet moving through them.

    And even is someone DOES have their Sun in Aquarius, their emotional nature (shown by their Moon) could be in ANY Sign ... could be in a very warm and expressive Sign.

    The only thing that Sun indicates is what behaviors we use to try to feel whole inside, to feel confident about ourselves, and to find inner self-fulfillment with who we are.

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  • Snoopy
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    9 months ago

    No Aquarius has nothing to do with the other fixed signs. They are very humanitarian.

    The other fixed signs can be cold.

    Selfish people are cold in general.

    Really I do not know what you mean by cold I think it just means we are not easy lays or maybe because it's a winter sign who knows.

    I don't think it means cold as in careless because in fact it is considered humanitarian.

    Some people want to use or manipulate others so when they don't get what they begin slandering them and calling them 'cold'.

    Personally I've never met a bad person from this sign so I don't think it would mean something like cold hearted which you get people in other signs who are that way but not really in ours. Example Leos can be generous but they destroy others first. That's not warm to me but on the outside it looks like that. Whereas aquarius doesn't even do that. We are just always nice. It's our way to be. Some of us don't even show it.

    Taurus is like Leo in some ways too. They do it for them.

    Source(s): A lot of people are this way. It's just the way the world is now.
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