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What is the first 10 moves of Traditional You Jitsu locking kata 1?

Just as the question reads I'd like to know what the first 10 moves of the locking kata, where you describe it, link a video, i don't mind I would just appreciate something which will show me.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    There are over 600 styles of japanese jujutsu,

    Some have kata and others do not. Which style? It might help narrow it down


    Picture this, you are discribing a car.

    It has wheels.

    What is the make of it?

    • rhirhiakai9 months agoReport

      In all honesty I'm not sure, I know it is traditional Jiu Jitsu and that we do Aikido in it as well as weapon training (No, knife, katana and escrima). Hopefully this is useful.

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