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Seeking constructive feedback on poetry?

I wrote a poetry about the subjects of sexism and bigotry and I’m seeking feedback. I’m feeling unsure. I want to make sure that others will see it in a positive light, because I’m sharing it with a wider audience. The poems are attached in a link below written as a draft. Thank you.

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    ok . . . I'm going to only address the first link . . . which reads more like a polemic . . . you have a poetic rhythm going, with the repetition of certain lines . . . but because it reads like a polemic you are either going to be speaking to the converted (or the other analogy "singing to the choir") or triggering you opponents . . . you mention things like "Roe v Wade" and the US Constitution, but as content they stand for themselves simply by being mentioned, rather than explicated, poetically or otherwise . . . so, I believe the content that should be further expanded is what is personal to you, for example "For the longest time /I couldn’t leave my house / Because my parents feared / For my safety" . . . that's a powerful and personal expression of how sexism affects YOU.

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