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What is the point of LaVeyan Satanism? Is it really just Theatrical Atheism?

LaVeyan Satanism is simply about being yourself which means all people are Satanists. As someone said in the book Lords of Chaos your basic everyday housewife is even a satanist or as Montel said LaVeyan Satanists are like your local boy scouts. Seth Andrews of the Thinking Atheist Podcast says LaVeyan Satanism is just Theatrical Atheism.

So what is the point of using that label then if LaVeyans are just your basic everyday common people? Is it just because it is a cool label?


shrieking are you saying that he leading atheists dont know atheism either??

Update 2:

But Laveyans claim to be the elite of the world which makes no sense since as you say there are so few of them and they have basic normal lives

Update 3:

everard exactly. This is why atheists work with Satanists as they are the same as both deny belief in a god

Update 4:

Bacon once again there is a reason Atheists and satanists work together because they are all atheists who do not believe in a god. Satanists are atheists that is a fact

Update 5:

Juli all you people claiming LaVeyans are not atheists then explain why Atheistic groups work with them because they are all atheists?? Why is it the atheistic groups and skeptical society's admit Satanists are atheistic and work with them because of that?

Update 6:

Are you telling that Seth ANdres of the most famous ATheist podcast is wrong in saying satanists are atheists which is why he has done tons of podcasts about them? Are you saying the Skeptical groups who also say satanists are atheists are all wrong?? Are you saying the atheistic Freedom from Religion foundation who works with them because they too know satanists are atheists are all wrong??

Update 7:

LaVeyans do admit that there group is just theatrical showbiz so that is why they use the label satanist even though they are atheists but still whats the point of that?

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    Yes but Laveyan satanism is really not around anymore. These days the popular Satanic Group is The Satanic Temple who are also atheists and they have a purpose as they are very active and fight for human rights and science over superstition and for compassion and fight for the separation of church and state

    Basically Satanism is about being human without feeling ashamed of it like religions tell us we should

  • 5 months ago

    It would seem so. Most people who identify as Satanists do not believe in a literal Satan, and do not advocate breaking the law.

    Kind of wimpy Satanism if you ask me.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You should really get a proper dictionary.

    LaVeyan Satanism has nothing to do with atheism.

    It's just another club like all religion created for the deluded.

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  • 6 months ago

    Atheism = does not believe gods are real. Generally it applies to all make believe deities and demons but the only common factor atheist have is the belief gods are not real. There is no collective atheist opinion on anything else.

    No one speaks for atheists. A person may have an opinion. It is theirs, not atheists'.

    Satanism = involves some belief in Satan. Therefore it is untrue to say 'all people are satanists'.

    Some people like labels. We don't have to attach any special meaning to their chosen label. It may not even be meaningful, and that doesn't matter. We are what we do, not what we claim and not the label we choose to wave in other people's faces.

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  • 6 months ago

    I saw this great answer a few weeks ago...

    Here is the answer atheism provides

    "We see no compelling evidence that there are any gods".

    If this answer does not satisfy the question

    Then the question is unrelated to atheism.


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  • 6 months ago

    Same point that there is to any religion. I wouldn't be overly concerned with it since there are so few of them.

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  • Still too stupid to understand what the word ATHEIST means, eh?

    • Slave2Christ
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      Atheism means not believing in a god so yes Satanists are atheists and everyone seems to know that but you

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    What's the point of your life? seems like you're posting this for 8 years by now. You're probably struggling with unemployment and depression.

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  • 6 months ago

    Now watch this moron answering his own question for the 1000th time

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