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TV Problem?

Well a couple of years ago when i was in a really low place i scratched my tv with my house keys. It was ok and caused no problems until now when I see works appearing on my screen and a faint patch with shows a radio station logo that i listen to through the TV.

What could be the problem, This is so unfair because i don't have the money for a new TV at the moment. I am going to university in September and haven't got a part time job because no companies apart from Mcdonalds have offered me a job and like i have said before i am not a dog spit spit spit.

What could be the problem with my TV, how is it fair that my stepbrother who works, drives, been to uni and has a future wife and lives with her in a flat is able to have a nice tv. How is it fair my stepsister has a nice boyfriend goes on holiday with him has a part time job and goes to uni.

How is all of that fair and i am single, lonely, no girlfriend, no girls who want to even smile at me in public. How is any of that fair

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    You're just learning that life isn't "fair". You caused the damage to your TV and now you want to have a pity party over it. Your attitude could have a lot to do with why you don't have a job and are lonely. No one wants to be around someone who is angry and whines about how "unfair" life has been to him. Stop the pity party and start making changes to your life to get where you want to go.

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    As soon as I saw the word "unfair",

    I knew you were whining,

    which is an Ugly thing to do.

    What is "FAIR" is for you to accept the responsibility for your own mistakes,

    whether you made them on purpose or not.

    Everyone else, including me, makes mistakes from time to time,

    and those of us with enough sense simply live with the consequences.

    We don't ***** to others that the situation isn't fair.

    Life isn't fair, PERIOD.

    If you can't live with that, Too Friggin' Bad.

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