I gave my number to someone whilst I was on a break from my relationship. Am I a bad person?

My boyfriend and I, after 5 years, broke up three days ago. We might fix things in the future and plan to speak about this later in the week. I still love him and he still loves me, we’re just going through a tough time right now.

Today a random guy stopped me on my street outside my house complimenting my car. He told me he’s a painter and decorator in the area. I told him I live with my ‘boyfriend’ and dog, even though at the time I was technically single. I said it because I wasn’t interested in him.

He then asked for my number to keep in touch and if I ever want any painting and decorating help. I gave him a wrong number and then he rang it and it was wrong. I then gave him the correct number with the intention to block his number. I gave it because I felt under pressure, I was confused and my head wasn’t in the right place. I also had every intention to block his number straight away.

But I feel guilty for giving it in the first place. I know I was technically single at the time but I love my ex and I want to get back with him. It’s been three days and I have my number to a stranger. I feel bad about it and it’s eating me up. I’ve blocked the guys number and haven’t contact him at all. I’m slightly worried I’ll see him again on my street and he might mention it to my ex.

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  • 12 months ago
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    Relax, the only thing you may have done wrong is give a wrong number to someone. You could have been honest with him, and stated that I am in a confusing time with my boyfriend so giving him your number does not seem right. So relax and realize you just made a mistake. Learn from it, and go forward

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