how to get over public humiliation, even if it was a long time ago?

a long time ago, well over a decade ago, i suffered many public embarrassments and humiliations in full view of a lot of people, often crowded places, because i have struggled with a personality disorder and had severe anger problems and i used to have anger outbursts which i couldn't control at the time...and often times, i was physically attacked and overpowered by bigger stronger men than myself, and suffered embarrassment and was made to look ridiculous, embarrassed and humiliated in full view of crowds of people....many women being present too.

i realize that it was often my fault and i brought it on myself by shouting at people, getting full on aggressive and attacking bus shelters etc....but i had serious problems with a personality disorder and had anger i just couldn't control, and used to lose control of my, thankfully i'm much better, older, wiser, in control more...and no longer have outbursts, even though i still struggle with anger......i have been through a lot in life and are waiting for therapy.

i'm now a man in my early forties, and when i think back to those times, when i was physically attacked and overpowered often, it makes me feel angry, even though i caused it, it feels like injustices were done to me and i brought shame and disgrace to myself?

is there a way, after all this time that i can come to terms with causing myself so much embarrassment in front of crowds of people?

sensible answers please.

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  • 12 months ago
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    You are older now. You have matured. You are no longer a child. Or one of those 18 to 24 year olds that get in so much trouble. The judgment center of the brain, and thus a person's ability to reason and control their behavior, doesn't mature until about age 30. You can learn humility and meekness from your experience, and patience and forgiveness. Besides, something that happened that long ago, likely no one will remember or even care. If they do say something, instead of getting angry, just laugh and say, "Yes, I was a handful back then." Then drop the subject. Or change the subject of conversation. You should forgive yourself, be kind to yourself. Remember, the world is full of injustice. There is nothing you can do about it yourself, but you can choose to leave it in God's hands. All will be made right in the end. Trust God. Accept Jesus as your personal Savior. Ask God to help you. Be patient. Read your Bible, especially the New Testament. The letters of the various apostles are full of guidance in how to live a noble, mature, Christian life.

  • 12 months ago

    Keep watching things that make u laugh. Look at memes. Those people who saw y get humiliated most likely forgot about it or just dont care

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