is using field trip forms when teaching adults considered childish?

I teach adults with autism. me and my friend lead a self care class for them where we teach them self care tips. one of my upcoming lessons we will be going to the library. I found a field trip form in some of my teaching material. so I filled it out for them with the location,where to meet,time and date and what to bring with them, and bottom part is a bus that has info on to and they need to give me that back so I know who all is coming as limited seating in room of library I rented. I told someone how I had that and they told me it was so childish to do that and that I should not use that form as it is meant for children only. and I told people that when I start my super saver class to the same group of people how I wanted to give them all kinds of funky name tags and have them put there names on them and I will collect them and each class they will get them and I will be able to mark down who came to class as that is easier for me and they told me that was childish as well and that I had to realize I was teaching adults not children and that I had to step up my game and do better. does it seem childish to 1 pass out those forms to let people know of the class at the library and 2 is it childish to have my super saver class use name tags so I can get to know them and to see who was in class that day? P.S. the one person who says I cant even color in class as it is childish just because she does not like to do it herself

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  • 12 months ago
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    I have no idea why making sure any group of people is organized is childish? If I were part of a group traveling, I would certainly want to know all the details of where to be, when to be there, when we were returning, etc. And if I were organizing a trip it is almost mandatory to know how many people are going.

  • Tavy
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    12 months ago

    It's compulsory in the U.K.

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