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Could this girl like me? Should I ask her out?

So at my work there is a girl who I think is cute. She sometimes comes and talks to me I mean the other day we talked for quite a long time and she didn t go for her break but she might have gone before I arrived. She had nothing to do so I asked her if she wanted to help clean up and she did. She was telling me about all the naughty things she does at school like talking back to teachers. And she told me that another guy at work was gay and did some sexual things to another guy. I guess she stands close to me. She is 16 or 17 I think and I have just turned 20 is that a bad thing?? She knows my age. She just seems really nice. She told me she was looking at strip clubs on google when she was bored at school and I teased her and said because you go there and she said every weekend Gota start working there. She makes me laugh and I think I may make her laugh I never really pay attention. She told me one of her teachers hates her and says she is bad and I said you don t seem like a bad person and she thanks me for it. When everyone else is there we don t really talk we just sort of smile at each other as we walk past. I only see her once a week because we have different hours. Should I wink at her or would that be weird? Could she like me? What should I do?

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    Never ASK someone for a Date.   

    Asking puts a person on the defense of HAVING TO MAKE 

    a decision and giving you an answer.   

    Most people say NO, because "No" is SAFER for them. 

    Later on THEY MIGHT regret they said No and feel like 

    they blew their chance with you.   

    If you INVITE someone to join you somewhere,

    they have time to think about it without pressure and

    can make a decision without giving you an answer/response.   


    INVITATIONS and ASKING for a Date are the same thing, 

    but an invitation is easier to offer, rather than ask for a date.  

    Writing a note and handing it to her or having someone deliver it to her, will be okay.  

    Most invitations are in WRITTEN FORM. (add ph# so now She has it)  

    Texting an Invitation will also be Okay, after you get her number.  

    Tell her where you will be on a certain day and at a certain time.  

    Let her know she is welcome to join you if she has time.  

    EXAMPLE: "I'm going for ice cream after school/work at (location),  

    you can join me if you're not busy... My Treat."  

    YOU WON'T HAVE TO FEEL EMBARRASSED if she declines.  

    It was just an invitation, NO BIG DEAL.  


    Make a wager (bet) with the person you want to spend time with.  

    Lose that bet to them INTENTIONALLY.  

    The wager should be something that puts you together alone and  

    away from everyone you know.  

    Make the wager something you can afford and non threatening  

    or too suggestive.  

    (an ice cream cone, a milkshake, a coffee, even washing a car)  

    EXAMPLE: "I'll bet you an ICE CREAM SUNDAE, I can say  

    the alphabet backwards faster than you."  

    Then LOSE the bet and take her for an Ice Cream Sundae.  

    (Enjoy Your Date)  

    If it scares you to take these steps, keep in mind YOU'RE SCARED ANYWAY.  

    Also if some other guy gets her attention, you'll wish you had done SOMETHING. 

    CONFIDENCE is not about Succeeding. It's about NOT BEING AFRAID, 

    to Step Up, whether you get Accepted or Rejected. 

    After you get Accepted or Rejected, YOU WILL "Quit" 

    Torturing yourself with Worry, Curiosity and Desire. 

    But Don't Live in FEAR of the person you Desire. 

    Get Accepted or Rejected, but settle this FOR YOU. 


    IF SHE SAYS: "I don't want to ruin our friendship OR

    I just wanna be friends” 

    SMILE BIG, look her in the eye and say:

    "Then don't “F” this up for me." 

    Or explain to her. "We can still be friends if this doesn't workout. 

    Why would we HAVE TOO be enemies, just because we are not a match?" 

    KEEP SMILING... She will like that you are Confident...

    AND RIGHT... you don't have to be enemies. 

    Besides… Getting to know people is how FRIENDS ARE MADE. 

    DATING is a Great way to get to know someone. 

    You are now equip with EVERYTHING you need to win. 

    If you lose, it's because you are a COWARD.

    If some Jerk gets her pregnant and dumps her,

    it's your lost and probably fault.

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