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What is wrong with my dirt devil?

Back in the early 1990s we bought a dirt devil and it came defective on arrival, wouldn't suck at all.

So I bought this nearly a year ago and just recently the suction went down dramatically.

I have cleaned all the filters and checked for blockages and there were none. I checked for loose fittings and there were none either.

Is dirt devil just a bad brand?

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    DD is the economy level brand of TTI (Techtronics Industries), who also makes Oreck, Hoover (US), Royal and Vax machines.

    TTI's brand portfolio also includes Milwaukee, AEG, Ryobi, Homelite, Empire, Stiletto, and Hart brands.

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    200 buck suckers usually end up tossed in the alley for scavenger aliens to yank the copper wiring when they poop out after year or two.

    visit a thrift shop find a shop vac that someone just did not feel like cleaning,,one with an upright attached for floors and rugs, see that it at least works,take it home clean it thoroughly,use rubber bands to wrap the cannister filter with paper towel,,most often the filter made for it is not around any more,,clean the insides with soap,spray lysol inside to kill cooties,see if you can get some oil on the sucker fan axel,,use non residue contact cleaner for the motor parts inside.

    same goes for electrolux,,after visiting a job bank during the recession of 35 years ago,I had for the week,only one employment lead,,sales for electrolux,,after orientation told them no thanks,80 percent of their 500 dollar units went out after a year,

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    Maybe you lost some of your fan.

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    Your dirt devil is possessed by the Devil.

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    examine all of the seals closely. i've found a cracked seal on other brands that caused this exact problem

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