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How to have internet from the notebook to the cell phone?


2-Why does the computer generate Preftech, %temp and temp files?

3-I put an HD with Windows 7 in a box and i linked it to a Windows XP computer but nothing appear. Why?

4-How to make a WIndows XP program works in the Windows 7? Does exist the compatible mode?

5-How to format a notebook? By pulling the battery. Where's it? The Windows stopped to work and the restore recovery is not loading. Is a Windows 7.

Update 2:

6-How to recover an youtube account?They asked the phone number and then they erased it

7-Is that hard to buy online? How does it work? Who does pay the transport? Is that hard to sell online? How does it work? How to receive the money? Any risk? How does work paypal?

8-Is that expensive an USB to receive the 4G in the computer? And a Micro SD reader, and a disk reader? And an USB to bluetooth?

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  • 6 months ago

    It is very easy to save logins, and then sign into the same browser in both devices. You can then sync the logins so both devices have the same updated ones. You can also sync Contacts, passwords, and even files that you use a lot. They are directions in the online booklet that came with your phone, and your laptop. If you tell us what make and model of each, we can help more. You can also sync things with another person - my husband and I have several, but not all things, synched between phones.

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  • 6 months ago

    Put two cans together with a string.

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