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Hamster losing fur?

Hamsters fur seems to be thinning everywhere except head. No fur loss around eyes or ears. Major hair running on back and stomach. It’s not noticeable until she’s picked up and the fur is moved aside. Thought at first it was just active scent glands. She’s not scratching herself and is eating, sleeping, and playing normally. Her cage has been completely cleaned and disinfected with soap and bleach.


Been like this for about a week. It doesn't seem to be bothering her as she acts normal and is very okay with being picked up and played with. Only had her about a year or a year and a half and besides messy hair/slight hair loss from very active scent glands, this hasn't happened before.

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  • 6 months ago

    I've heard that hamsters go through shedding seasons. Is your hamster a winter white, because I think those shed a lot. Also is your hamster growing hair back in?

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  • 6 months ago

    What kind of bedding do you use? She could be having an allergy to it. The bedding I see in the picture appears to be paper based, which is good, and probably wouldn't cause an allergy. But she can have allergies from food or mites. She can also have an endocrine condition that causes hair loss.

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  • Dze
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    looks like youve been stroking your hamster too violently ...

    • Nathan
      Lv 4
      6 months agoReport

      This is a sign of some serious illnesses that could kill him. He needs to see a vet, if you can't afford one then you csn call a shelter who can hekp out for free

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