What can u do with vocational business level 3?

Hi i just got my gcse results today and they werent that great and they offered me triple business level 3 , where csn i go in the future with this ??

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  • 12 months ago

    Not much really. Low level admin work assuming you got C or above in English and maths GCSEs. Sometimes there are in house promotional prospects with that sort of work if you can impress. It would strengthen it tremendously if you did an A-level alongside, including if that meant doing National Diploma (size equivalent to 2 A-levels) instead of Extended National Diploma (equivalent to 3.) If your school or college doesn't offer that you might consider adding an A-level via distance learning, which would have a cost from around £350 and upwards, depending on the provider, service level, and payment plan. Your school or college would almost certainly be happy to act as the exam centre. Maths or a language might be particularly helpful, but any relatively traditional A-level will help.

    You might also look at other vocational qualifications, that are more directional in terms of career than business. You need to think about what you enjoy, and what you might want to do in future.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Realistically nowhere. If I were you I'd go back and resit 5 GCSEs including maths and english hoping to achieve a grade 4/C. While doing these have a serious thought about what you realistically want to do to build a life and a future for yourself.

  • 12 months ago

    The BTEC is often a better choice than A-levels if you do not want to attend university. But nobody here knows what you are good at. Have you thought about a skill? If you are mechanically minded, going into something like plumbing or car maintenance can be an excellent way to make a good living. A friend of mine who is a plumber has made so much money that he is pulling down and rebuilding a beautiful waterfront six bedroom house.

    Take a look at the entire BTEC offerings, think about this carefully and discuss it with your parents. You can change your mind but a Business BTEC is not going to impress employers. You can do something that will get you onto a better employment track than that.

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