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Since yahoo doesn't respond or listen to appeals anymore shouldn't they stop suspending accounts?

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    They're also still deducting points for alleged violations, but they no longer tell you, or which answer they're doing it about, and thus there's no way to appeal any such things.

    YA sux.

  • 12 months ago

    It's a mixed bag...........trolls here use false reporting to attack good users.

    Obviously, they should NOT be suspended, and their accounts re-instated.

    and then you have numbnuts like this........who so clearly and richly deserve to be suspended and banned. ....with no hope of appeal.

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    No, they shouldn't stop suspending accounts. The majority of suspended accounts are done rightfully, but it IS a drag that some are wrongfully suspended.

    If you've only appealed once or twice, do it again. Do it every day (politely) for a week or more. We don't know who is manning the appeal email address, how often it's checked, or how backed up it is.

    Also, Yahoo Customer Care recently posted this phone number on their Facebook Page 1-800-300-8514 (which a reverse looked showed to belong to Verizon, the company that owns Yahoo), so it might be worth a call just to see if you get any result or at least a useful email address to contact about your appeal. Remember to get an account un-suspended you either need to prove it was wrongfully suspended or that you are a quality user, mistakenly broke the rules, and be able to convince they you'll behave appropriately in the future (might not work, but sure won't hurt if it means that much to you to get the suspended account back).

  • Daniel
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    12 months ago

    No they shouldn't if people are Breaking the Rules they should get Suspended

    And they do Respond and Listen to Appeals

    Sometimes they get Approved sometimes they Dont

    I have Sent people Appeal links Before and they have told me that they heard back and they got Approval

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  • 12 months ago

    No. For those who take the time to email Verizon in addition to reporting AND appealing, if a suspended account is reactivated, it is worth the time. BTW, I am NOT one of the few people that Verizon has reactivated my account. I am amazed this email account has lasted this long. I do wonder what has happened to my most persistent stalker.

  • paul
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    12 months ago

    points , thumbs up or down , or reporting mean nothing , answers is for entertainment only . nobody live over sees this site

  • 12 months ago

    No, they should fix it if needed. Responding if the appeal is lost has been gone for years. Users are reporting they are winning appeals. So it does happen.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    No.They majority of accounts that get suspended deserve it.

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