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Why is it when straight men enjoy their sexuality it's offensive and objectification yet when a lesbian does it. It's okie dokie?

When I went for my 23rd birthday. I remember my bisexual anutie came along and I think she was more into women that night because she kept saying "she's hot" and "she's fit" about random women. (granted my auntie was drunk and just got out of a relationship with a man). Was she objectfying all the women at that club? I mean no one there got offended by her and she was the soul of the party that day. But still.. was it objectfication when she did it?

Yet if a guy does that. His a raging misgoygnist?. I don't understand how a male finding the female form as sexually attractive means they hate women or think lesser of them. Just because straight men like me find women to be attractive doesn't mean I think lesser of women. Why do Feminists think this is the case?

I don't see the difference between a group of women (mostly teen girls) giggling to each other about some cute boy they all like compared to a bunch of men (mostly teen boys) telling each other how they all find this some woman to be hot. I don't see the harm in either one.

To me the Feminists who get angry at men expressing attraction to women are fat and ugly women who can't get male attention themselves and are jealous of the attractive women who do get male attention. Just like all the fat self proclaimed nice guy™️ trilby wearing Neckbeards like the guy in my profile pic who can't get a woman at all and call every man who does get female attention as a "Chad" or a "Douchebag" out of jealousy

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  • Foofa
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    1 year ago

    You apparently sat there and listened to Auntie without rendering comment so you should be telling us why you gave her a pass. A lot of people would have pointed out to her that she was being offensive.

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    Here's my view, as a feminist (note: I don't claim to speak for all feminists, though I think I'm speaking for most of the sane ones on this)

    I don't think any reasonable person objects to someone saying, to themselves or quietly to their friends, "Isn't she hot?" That is not a problem, that's... normal.

    But some things that are problems?

    1. If you make it her issue. If you wolf-whistle at her, call out "Hey, hot stuff", try to grope her, or otherwise rudely interrupt her life to make sure that she knows you think she's pretty.

    2. When attractive women, and pretty much *only* women, are used to sell everything from cars to toothpaste, as though they were mere decorations.

    3. When you treat unattractive women badly because they don't happen to turn your crank. I don't mean rejecting or not approaching them, you're allowed to not want to boink someone, I mean being rude, refusing to interact with them outside of a dating context, and so on.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    The world is ruled by these lesbian feminists. They only want to fulfill their own desires even if they reach the level of a rapist. Don't show any feelings towards these fat and ugly b!tches, they deserve to be virgins. The media, academia and politics is all run by those rude ugly feminist retards. This is the reason I can give you.

    Never feel guilty of your desires, it's natural and you must embrace it. You are crazy about hot women, that's fine. I don't think these feminists must have any business in that. Being jealous and angry is only making them even more ugly and fat. They must realise that!

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    And there were feminists at the club shaming you or trying to stop you? The only people there that cared about men expressing their sexuality were the strippers they were throwing dollars at.

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  • 1 year ago

    i think u answered ur own question

  • 1 year ago

    None of this stuff exists in the real world. It's just Garbage thought up by University students. Iv'e never in my life heard someone accused of "misogyny" or "objectification". The amount that the average person cares about any of this is 0.

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