What's the point of having plot twists or shocking revelations or moments in stories anymore when right after they get released people spoil?

them all over the internet?

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    They work well, 10 or 20 years after release.

    For me it started with the Shaggy Dog. Walt Disney Trailers showed EVERY Scene of excitement well before the movie was released.

    It was just a matter of seeing who came first at the Movie House.

    Now, the Trailer must show all the Exciting Spoilers even in mundane movies. I Avoid watching any Trailers now. Or if I am on the cheap I watch as many as possible, and forgo the actual movie until it released for free on Yourtube, Netflix, or Prime. To avoid the breakups I also don't watch TV, with its commercials.

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