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How to perform hydrotherapy on a guinea pig at home?

Please answer asap! :(

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  • 5 months ago

    For all the years of keeping rodents and cavy's I have never heard of this. Is there any reason or point to go to such extreme?

    Even excessive bathing in water can dry their skin and should be on as needed basis.

    My little mouse rather liked a short swim now and then, and cappy's almost need a pond being semi aquatic, but guinea pigs, I think that is a nope.

    • Nathan
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      If you have been told by a vet that it is okay, they will tell you the conditions on how to do it. Some may tell you were to buy a special harness so that only their legs go in the water for the therapy. It isn't common. If a vet hasn't said this, then do not do it as the dangers are high

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  • 5 months ago

    It depends on why the guinea pig needs it. For the purpose of an example, I will assume that the guinea pig needs it for an injured limb. If it were one of my dogs, I would put them in the tub. For something as small as a guinea pig, maybe try using the spray attachment on the sink? Like a mini showerhead.

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