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Has tourism in France and Italy suffered because those countries did away with their monarchies?

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    According to World Atlas, France has the most tourism of any country; Italy is no. 5, which is still ahead of the UK, which is at no. 7.

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    NO not at all, it has been to many years since France had a King and Italy was a Principality for centuries.

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    Both countries have countless things for tourists to enjoy.........regardless of which form of govt they currently employ.

    Having said that.......there is a growing movement in Italy now, to restore the Monarchy......after this last political cluster f*ck, and people are getting SICK of it.

    They see all these northern European countries that maintained their monarchies, and see how prosperous they are and how well the people live, and they look at the Absolute sh*thole Italy has become........

    and many are starting to believe they'd be better off restoring the Monarchy.......and some PRIDE to Italy.

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    No, there isn't much to see in France apart from Disneyland and the trifle tower, other than that it's a poor country. Same with Italy, after seeing the leaning tower of pizza it's a poor hot country. The people that holiday in the UK are mainly Beatles and Rolling Stones fans, the monarchy is boring and while they may stop off at the palace for a photo opportunity they would still come if the royals were not there.

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    The weather and the cuisine, as well as culture are the draws for those two countries. Britain so famous for the monarchy, Shakespeare....

  • 12 months ago

    As far as I know, no. People go to various places for various reasons and in the case of France and Italy, most probably for the culture and weather.

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    No, it is because many people do not want to risk getting killed by terrorists they have allowed to set up their own nation states inside those countries.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    no and the draw of the British monarchy is wildly overstated we could do away with the lot of them and suffer no ill effects.

    if you include immigration as a form of tourism then numbers have never been higher.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    It was that long ago that they did away with their monarchies that I doubt it makes any difference now.

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