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Found old messages of bf with online urkrine gf? (We weren’t dating at the time) just not sure if that’s a weird ass thing to do?

My partner left his old phone for me to use and didn’t wipe it there were some photos left on from 4 years ago of him messaging a girl from Ukraine on a dating website (we are Australian) and I just found it a bit off putting there was a photo of her holding roses and a letter he sent her and what I would call lame messages about love when I don’t think they have ever met.. this means he was 22 at the time, I’m trying to think of it as if he was young and immature but I’m 21 now and would never do something like that, should I be concerned or nah? Just never pictured him to be the guy that would do that.

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    You're over thinking. Everyone has a past. That past makes you who you are. But as long as these aren't current messages you have nothing to fear. He's with you now so why should some random girl from Ukraine that he has never seen bother you? Obviously he picked you. If he's not talking to her now then you're good.

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    Yea it’s pretty weird. That’s why people need their personal space even though you guys are in a relationship. You said it yourself, those messages are from 4yrs ago, I doubt there’s anything there anymore. If you’re really that worried you could be upfront with him and ask him about it. Let him know you found the screenshots and see what he says.

    Honesty is key in a relationship.

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