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Is the objectification of women either a net positive or a net negative for the well being of women as a whole?

Some feminists claim that they can pick and choose when to perpetrate and condone the objectification of women (as s net positive for the well being of women) and when to denounce it (as a net negative for the well being of women).

So even though women have the right to choose to condone or denounce any given instance of the objectification of women, is it generally good or bad?

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    Most women leverage their sexuality as much as they can for advantage. Even feminists do this whether they know it or not and get to pretend their tight clothes don't give them extra privileges men don't get...

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    Women can only use their pitty pot for so long, before it comes back to kicks them in the @ss.

    The truth is Women are never satisfied, and will rinse any debate not till they win, but when a Man cannot be @rsed with their pedantic quarrels over nothing. Moderation and common sense should be used to pick their disputes, not just moan about everything like they would do at home.

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    I think the overwhelming tendency to objectify women, but not men, is a net negative for the well being of women as a whole. This doesn't mean that all specific examples are seriously problematic or whatever, but it does mean that the general cultural trend of universally treating men as the actors and women as the acted-upon--really does everyone a disservice, though especially women.

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