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Should I move out of my partner's house because his other partner is a crappy, disrespectful person?

We once had a thruple The ringleader is in his forties. First came another guy in his thirties. After he was caught cheating, the older guy invited me to live with them. After several weeks, I became part of the relationship, which was approved by all of us.

The guy in his thirties is a drunk. He is dirty, can't pay his bills or rent, disrespects everyone including his partners, and lost his job because he was too drunk to wake up from work.

I am the total opposite, the reason the ringleader invited me in. I am calm, respectful, I hate partying and drinking.

The guy in his thirties is jealous. The other two of us have much more. When He is drunk he wets the bed, says "f you assshole I hate you," and has gotten violent with the oldest guy. Last night he called me a "boyfriend stealer," "ugly," "fatso," told me he was ready to "whup my assss."

After holding my tongue for several months, I finally confronted him and told him he is a jealous, petty drunk, and that he needs to stop disrespecting me. He refuses to admit he is ruining his relationship with the oldest guy himself.

I told the oldest guy I can't continue this fake thruple. He and I have a relationship. He has said he doesn't care for the drunk and only keeps him around so he doesn't wind up on the streets dead. He feels guilty.

I am thinking of telling my boyfriend today that either the drunk apologizes and commits himself to changing or I am moving out and we can continue our relationship that way.

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    Soon you will be old and you will regret everything, everything.

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  • 6 months ago

    You already know the answer and you should be long gone.

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  • 6 months ago

    as long as the sex is good, i would stay

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  • 6 months ago

    Good. This is a bad relationship and the drunk is a parasite. Either get rid of him - make a demand - or take yourself out of the household. I'm not saying break up with the guy you want, but maybe he needs a shock. If he can't adjust, then that's another problem.

    Very rigid people cause continuous problems.

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