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I am nothing,cause my husband kills me with doubts about shadows of the other men,if they are chasing me?

I,m so disturbed:one the twins frowns now on for after wards,they are but while at age of 7,are suffering out of their dad! Catching this unnecessary attitude at hand,he loves me but nags:I,m a very man:who are a chase before you, I feel like seeing some of them.He talks but as if he sees them,but it,s very useless:They don,t have work with me,and I am not fallen in love with them at all,ugh! I am seeing them old,cause I have lost Stephen,my husband,cause he,s 90 percent suspicious man about me:In that case they don,t have actual father.Help me I have lost my man Stephen nags:Come, hush.If continued I could become warm, but it,s never.I say:Gosh! avoiding him,he says:gosh:accepting me not!Why?Must he go to a Dr.?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I know. I hate it when my husband kills me with doubts about shadows of other men.

    I don't know about him, but you should DEFINITELY do two things? Go to a Doctor and stay off Yahoo.

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