How did Noah manage to fit a pair of every animal on the face of the earth on a boat?

How did he gather them together and organize them in a way where they were not stepping on eachother? There must have been dinosaurs as well back then so that could create some issues as well. How to Noah prevent them from fighting and eating eachother? How did he manage to fit countless thousands of tons of food and water on this boat and manage to dispose of the countless thousands of tons of feces and urine from these animals. Why didn't God just transport everyone to the moon until the water receded? What happened to all the water the earth was flooded with?

Think real long and hard about this one and why people cannot take the Bible the least bit seriously.

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    Same way Santa Claus manages to get thousands of sleds, bicycles, and several hundred puppies and a few dozen ponies into a sleigh less than twelve meters long, AND have them weigh so little that eight adult reindeer, perhaps assisted by one red-nosed juvenile, can move them all over the planet in less than 36 hours.

    The POWER of BELIEF!!

  • 12 months ago

    He didnt the whole scenario is a fable-----lf not why do we have Lemmings; Both Fresh and Salt water Crocodiles, Wombats, Koalas and Kookaburas. Do ya reckon

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    He didn't. God was in charge of selecting the animals Noah was there to make sure that there were two unclean animals and seven clean ones.

    It was not primarily Noah's project, it was Jehovah God's - HE gave the specifications of the ark, so many cubits, here and there, and he even said what kind of wood to use, and to use tar to cover it all.

    Noah was the obedient one, and his following his God's instructions "just so" made it possible for humanity to continue living. Plus, God saw to it that the animals that HE wanted to save went into the ark.

    God is the creator of heredity, and DNA. He could make all birds from a representative few, all cats from a few, all horses, elephants, and so on.

    Researchers estimate that there are only about 290 species of land mammals larger than sheep and about 1,360 smaller than rats. (The Deluge Story in Stone, by B. C. Nelson, 1949, p. 156; The Flood in the Light of the Bible, Geology, and Archaeology, by A. M. Rehwinkel, 1957, p. 69) So, even if estimates are based on these expanded figures, the ark could easily have accommodated a pair of all these animals.

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    Peter Gore Seer,

    Not Impossible I Have Had Over 10 Beautiful Donkey In My Bed, It Was A Cold Night And I Did Not Want Them To Freeze,

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  • 12 months ago

    That was easy then. Just write a little story and claim it happened. LMAO! The Noah-story and that flood are nothing but lies used in making a god. The saddest thing about it is, today there are idiots who believe that crapola.

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    Don't forget that Noah would have had to save all plant species too, and there are almost 400,000 described species.

  • Paul
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    You will always have such silly questions when you simply take every word of the Bible literally by today's standards. Interesting that atheists and fundamentalist Protestants are the ones who usually make such errors. When we are reading something written several thousand years ago, we have to consider what meaning various terms had, for the people who wrote the text. That is how historians discover the actual meaning of ancient writings. "The whole world" the biblical writers knew of was the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea, which is where the great flood occurred. The inland Black Sea is a remnant of that great flood.

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    QED a lot of them arrived by post , dinosaurs were not on the boat thats why they went exstinct , same as unicorns and dragons and the like , once they were on board he sedated all the animals by playing the lyre to them , this is where the saying , music calms the savage beast comes from , the birds were fine they just flew around the top and came and went as they pleased. they fed mostly on the fleas of all the sleeping beasts , Noah and his family fed themselves by eating all the dodo eggs , that is why the dodo went exstinct ,

    I hope this clears a few things up for you

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    He didn’t. It’s a story.

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    He didn't gather even one animal. The Lord brought them all, as the Bible says. I guess you can't read, but it's there. You might want to check first next time, so you won't look stupid.

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    Have you ever seen a newborn piglet compared to a full grown hog?

    Source(s): Two of every animal, it didn't say "Full Grown animals"
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