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I don’t understand what’s going on with my cat!?

He’s about 12. Out of nowhere he started acting unlike himself and wasn’t very interested in food. He’s always been interested in it, he’s 18lbs right now and used to be higher. We took him to the vet twice since we noticed, and his blood tests came back normal and nothing is wrong with his organs. He’s an indoor cat and we don’t have any plants? He doesn’t hiss or anything when we touch or pick him up, but we noticed he was peeing on his legs and crotch area so we rinsed him off. He’s been drinking water ever since he got sick but like I said, not eating. We’ve started him on antibiotics because the vets said it looks like there’s an abscess, and we are keeping him in a bed in our basement bathroom. We put food, water, and a litter box in the bathroom with him. Today’s the first day he started purring/meowed again when we pet him and I noticed that he peed in the litter box a little! But he still doesn’t really walk around and still hasn’t eaten. I don’t get what could be wrong with him!! Does it sound like he’s improving at all/he could recover!? The vets don’t see anything wrong except a possible abscess!!

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    I don't know what sort of abscess this would be. I would be interested in asking the vet where this abscess is? Often, when a cat urinates in unusual places or in the manner you are stating, it has a bladder infection, or is developing diabetes.

    I would move the kitty to the bathroom where he can see you each day. He will probably improve faster with his family nearby. Yes, it does sound like he is improving, and you were smart to take him in.

    After he is feeling better, try giving him less food at each feeding. At 18 lbs., he sounds overweight, and your vet should have addressed this. We feed about 1/4 cup twice per day to our cats. We mix dry food/canned food/water together to make a nice "stew" for the cats.

    Since your kitty is used to eating more, you might try 1/3 cup twice per day and then decrease it until he is closer to ideal weight. I hope your cat feels better, and keep in close contact with the vet at all times, until is is clearly feeling himself, again. Try to feed high quality foods, and not grocery store brand foods.

    We also provide a "dracaena" plant for our cats to chew on, which gives roughage. Some cats also like to go outside during the daytime so they can sun themselves, look at things and hunt.

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    u mean u went to a vet twice and they didn't tell u what was wrong with the cat? where is that abscess? in his tooth? if the cat is peeing himself uti infection comes into mind, they should have taken urine sample at vet. where i live the vet told me they puncture cat's bladder with a needle under ultrasound and take urine sample. u should really take your cat to a vet. he is suffering

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    What do you mean "possible abscess"? Abscesses are VISIBLE and if there was one they would be draining it. If the cat was REALLY sick from this it'd be hospitalized.

    Get this poor neglected cat REALLY to a vet. You've locked him away all by himself in a basement bathroom? WTF is the point of that????

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