German women´s are thinner?

Tell me plz, I want to know! Are all German girls and women (well, perhaps most rather than all) super thin, or am I being super paronoid??!! Maybe it's where I live in germany and since moving here I've developed quite a complex... And I'm kinda sinny myself! My friend says in britain there is morte white bread.

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  • Juana
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    1 year ago

    Having had a look at your questions I have come to the conclusion that not only are you German but you're also a "Germans are skinny" troll. Plus not very smart.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Stop shoving so much bread in your mouth. The bread isn't the problem, it's the amount or what you are putting on it.

  • Julien
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    1 year ago

    My personal impression is that most German women go through either one of the two following and contradictory stereotypes: they can be either:

    - skinny and even ascetic, with a very strict and austere look, being either vegetarian or Protestant.


    - tall and strong lumberjacks, not really fat but just massive, an image that we more easily imagine(d) from East Germany.

    If you come from Britain, the point would rather be that you come from one of the countries where women are the fattest. I come from France, where people in general but particularly women tend to be much skinnier than in the rest of Europe, and it was a shock when I moved to Scotland. I remember I looked for some statistics to confirm my feeling and discovered that the average weight of British women (not even the Scottish ones) is about 8 kg heavier than French women.

    Arab countries are almost the only place where women are fatter than that (and US of course, if you go farther).

    In the UK both men and women have BMI around 27.5 kg/m2 in average (but 41% of the population has a BMI below 25 kg/m2, i.e. healthy)

    In Germany the hierarchy between men and women is more usual by European standards: BMI=25.6kg/m2 for women and 27kg/m2 for men according to WHO 2014, with about 53% of women having a healthy BMI. We can't really say German girls are skinny in average, but that's quite a gap between British girls and German girls. Part of this gaps is because Brits in general are fatter, another part is because there is no BMI gender gap in UK.

    As a comparison, for France the average female BMI is 24.6 kg/m2 (26.1 kg/m2 for men) but only 45% of women have a healthy BMI, which means that France has much more very skinny women than Germany while Germany is more uniform (which might contradict the personal impression I exposed in the first paragraph, but that's not certain).

  • 1 year ago

    German woman were always portrayed as bulky and well built. :I

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