Should I omit this job from my resume?

I have worked at a Wendy's for a month (a previous question shows I had gotten a job at a Wendy's but went for a different job, but the Wendy's I worked at is a different location. I don't necessarily like or dislike Wendy's- this was just a coincidence). Anyway, I started looking for a new job because I am taking a semester off so I can pay to live on-campus for college in the spring semester. My current job was only giving 8 hours a week, so I needed a second job to help me pay. A Subway is considering hiring me and encouraged me to quit my current job because they will need me during lunchtime, which is when I worked at Wendy's, and they said they don't schedule me anyway and the Subway would be willing to give me 30 hours a week! If I get this job, is the Wendy's job worth putting on my resume? Could places fire me for omitting it if they find out I had it? Thank you


I also worked at a Pizza Hut, but I was fired due to financial reasons after only a week so I NEVER, EVER put that on my resume

Update 2:

I'm talking about getting another fast-food job because I don't have much job experience

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    You should list the Wendy's position, especially for any job that does a background check. Omissions look suspicious. When asked why you left (or putting a statement on your resume) it was simply lack of hours.

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    i dont think so, it might help you out

  • If you need to have it for some experience then leave it on. If you don't need to have the job on your resume then don't add it. You've only been there a month. Usually I don't include jobs where I didn't make it past the probation period, or if I was only there for a few weeks. I've never been fired for omitting jobs.

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    I don't see the need to NAME the fast food chain. Just state it as a fast food chain and how long you worked there (unless they ask). It is important to have a good recommendation from there that you are a good worker.

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    Putting fast food jobs on a resume isn't worth it. Just list them all as "Unrelated Employment."

    And when applying to a fast food restaurant, a resume is not needed. They use a standard employment application (usually online).

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