Adult Android phone users, how long can a phone last with decent texting and calling? (not for playing games....) See Below?

I was just wondering, for those that KNOW, how many years do you think you can get out of a phone? I know that the batteries are only setup/programmed.... to only charge so many times.

My phone has been great and still works fine for what i mostly use it for (calling, texting, occasional Googling, calculator). I have only had it for like a little over 3 years and in the last few months, especially yesterday and today I seem to be blowing through a full charge in a day, with it not used THAT often (total maybe 1- 2 hours tops).

2 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    Ten or more years,

    if the battery is replaced when needed.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    My husband replaced the battery in his Samsung when it was 3 years old because it was having problems holding a charge. He got another 2 years out of it with the new battery before he bought a new phone for some of the new features. His mom has been using his old phone for 2 years now, and recently replaced the battery. So it's around 7 years old and still working, on the third battery.

    Edit - the phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3. He also has an iPhone 4 that's even older and still working, although he uses it basically as a music player these days.

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