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How to deal with toxic parents?

Ok, so I have parents who(when a lot of people first meet them) seem like they'e doing well for themselves. One is an electrical engineer, and the other is a nurse. Both have had years of schooling.....but they're very, very toxic. They constantly compare me to other people who they feel are doing better than I am, hoping that it'll "motivate" me. They've tried calling the cops on me because I wouldn't show them my report card...

My parents suggested that I should be "tested" for a learning disability based on the fact that I've been in school for a while.

They have also gone to the extent of saying that I'll go to hell because I don't go to church on a regular basis, and I'm a loser.

While that's going down, I do chores around the house, bought things for them(with MY cash), and we've gone to several therapists to talk about the issues that are going on(with none of them really solving the problem).

I wasn't always the best academically, but I think that they're taking their "role" as parents too far and I've honestly had enough. Now I have a job and steady income so that they wouldn't use cash as a way to manipulate me and I'll be independent.... but how do I deal with this situation from here on out? How do I make sure that I don't have the same attitude as my that I don't repeat how they act to me, towards other people?

The advice would be appreciated, and if you don't like the question....move along. Insults and trolling will be reported by me.

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    1 year ago

    This is nature’s way of telling you it’s time to move out.


    You’re right, they are taking their role as parents too seriously. And it often happens in the teens. The parents think pouring shiit on their offspring is somehow a good idea. It’s very common. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T DO IT WHEN YOU ARE OLD, because I am at the age now when my peers, who resented it like you do, are now doing it to their teenage kids.

    Anyway, school, and paper qualification aren’t for everyone. Many successful people reject them, and do something else. You can make good money just from having a regular income and investing in capital. It takes time, but so does getting paper diplomas.

    I’ll tell you now, they’re not going to change their toxic attitude while ever you are a dependant in their house.

    Move out and start your life.

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