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Need to replace old garage door opener at rental. Is that something a handyman can do or should I have Home Depot ? Least expensive. below?

i recently purchased a new garage door clicker and programmed it, now the garage door is periodically opening with several other neighbors doors when they are opened. Again the unit is old (works fine) and this all started with the new clicker, previous tenants did not have a clicker, just used a key. Reprogramming the universal remote, didn't change anything.

I'm looking for the least expensive, but not crappy route, to solve this problem. I am unable to install this myself. Also recently here in California, we are required to also install a back up battery with every unit.

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  • 1 year ago

    the opener has a way to change the entry code for the clicker. get owner's manual and change it. then change the clicker so it matches. do NOT use the 'automatic' clicker selection mechanism unless you can't help it ... it is searching for signal and finding far too many [those of your neighbors]

    btw, consumers aren't required to install that battery bit ... only professionals and new construction

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  • 1 year ago

    Some guys will do the work and supply the parts all for same price you would pay retail for the parts only (they get a discount on the price, so the difference between what they pay and what your cost would be is what they make for their labor). You might talk to someone where you purchased the new remote to see if there is a fix that doesn’t require replacing the mechanism.

  • 1 year ago

    Home Depot would contract it out to what is basically a local handyman.

    Short answer: A handyman should be able to handle the job.

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