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Why do I always have pain during sex?

I'm an average 16 year old girl. My boyfriend of 8 months is the same age, and we've been having sex, as many teenage couples do. However, whenever we have sex, most of the time I experience pretty severe pain. We've tried lube, we've tried different positions, we've tried with and without condoms (I have an IUD), we've tried slowing down and taking a long time, we've basically tried everything. The only reason I can think of that might be causing me so much pain is his size? He's about 7.5-8 inches and sometimes when we do certain positions it hurts a lot worse, and I think it's due to his size. I'm out of ideas, I don't know how to fix it.

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  • k w
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    1 year ago

    it can be many kinds of conditions, trichomoniasis, vulvodynia , vulvar vestibulitis , interstitial cystitis, so go see a gyno-doc-specialist, the other will be a waste of time......

  • Pippin
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    1 year ago

    Sex should not hurt.

    You need to see your doctor. Or, if you feel unable to do that -- stop having sex. There is no rush.

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