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How can I get a big butt in my early teens?

I’m really trying to get bigger butt because i really hate the size and the way my butt looks. No matter what i wear. Leggings, jeans shorts nothing makes my Butt look big and nice. I also want to get somewhat of a hourglass body shape. I would say my body type right now is slim. I do 3 sets of 15 or 10 reps of basic squats everyday, I also do 3 sets of 10 glute bridges, and 3 sets of 10 side leg lifts for my hips everyday.I do enjoy eating carbs and sugar but I’m trying my hardest to eat healthier options of food. I have been eating foods like beans, fish and berries, I drink quite a lot of water and a 1 glass of milk everyday. I take walks almost everyday so I’m not sitting all day long to deflate my butt. To be honest I would say the basic squats have been working and I have seen SMALL results but I am a very impatient person and I don’t want to wait years from now to form an hourglass body. But it’s taking FOREVER!! Especially my hips. So please can anyone tell me if I’m making mistakes with my workouts or diet so I can get my dream body type like my friends, auntie who is 35 and some celebs like Jlo. Here’s a picture of how my body looks compared to my aunt who has a big butt and how I want my body to form. Since i do not feel safe showing my real body and face.

Ps: excuse me for my awful drawing! I tried my best LoL

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  • art
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    12 months ago

    I guess your Black, black women seem to want a fat ar se

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    I don't wear leggings and theyre going skinny legs just cause they were black skinny legs don't means they're leggings and I don't wear shorts leggings for that's just clothes to me and Im not even trying to get a bigger butt I'm content just how I am neither do I live or base my life outside and external factors ..least of my focus and concerns ahahab

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