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Was I looking for too much emotional support?

Recently, I was fired from a job and lost a friend who chided me for excessive whining. According to her very blunt criticisms, I "think the rest of the world" is my problems, and I need to "look forward to life" as I had a bright future ahead, given my high education level and professional experience. She informed me that "she couldn't deal with negative conversations" anymore and tired of "having to make me feel better."

Maybe I was "whining." I did speak to her on multiple occasions about my frustrations; it was the second time in a year that I lost employment and I was particularly unhappy at the first job I lost. However, I was also undergoing treatment for severe depression that I had thought was bipolar disorder (I did not disclose that to her), so I didn't think my problems were everyone else's fault. Lastly, I tried to comfort her when she lost a job and a member of her family. I even tried to help her find employment by revamping her resume. She also asked me to borrow money due to her financial problems, though no money was ever exchanged (we had this falling out before I could help her). When I mentioned that I tried to help her through her problems, she told me "YOU asked to help me, so don't ******* make people feel bad for reaching out." She then blocked me off all her social media, and then refused to respond when I told her "thank you for telling me about the whining."

What should I learn?

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    6 months ago

    quit yer whining, you pussy!

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