Non-whites receive higher priority for jobs and housing plus billions in food and financial aid so why do liberals say whites are racist?

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    5 months ago
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    Whites are the least ethnocentric and most altruistic race on the planet according to studies.

    If whites were even half as racist as liberals make out, there would be no third world immigrants in the West. We'd be shooting them dead and sinking their boats for trying to enter our countries illegally.

    The "racist" card wouldn't have any social power behind it because no one would care. Just likes blacks and Asians don't care about being "racist". If you called a black man a "racist" for disrespecting white people, he would laugh in your face, whereas whites tremble and piss themselves like ******* when ethnics throw the race card around. It's pathetic.

  • martin
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    5 months ago

    It makes sense that Congress, being mainly white people, have done a lot for black people by way of welfare and financial assistance. Therefore, Congress and the people who elected them aren't racist. The Civil Rights Act, passed under Lyndon Johnson's presidency, established equality. Therefore, welfare laws must apply across the board to all races.

  • 5 months ago

    How they queue jump is by having big families or bringing loads of their family so they meet criteria, if a white British person did the same they would meet the criteria. It does need changing but the councils are not looking at their race, it's over crowding issues, homeless kid issues. Traditionally and it still goes on, it's white British teenage girls who have kids on purpose to get a house and money. They put "father unknown" on the birth certificate and he lives in the house secretly to maximise benefits, often he even has a job and pretends to still live at home.

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