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Consider a bacterial gene that is approximately 2100 nucleotides long.?

approximately how many amno acids would these gene code for?

How many mRNA molecules will probably be transcribed from theis gene?

HOw many proteins will probably be made from this gene?


a. 700

b. ?

c. ?

Sorry i'm 37 years old.. i haven't touched this subject in a while.. just want a refresher..

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    A. Less than 700, since the gene also includes its noncoding promoter and spacing at the front, and at the end its stop codon and some trailing noncoding stuff.

    B. An indefinite number. This bacterium can transcribe the gene multiple times (and even multiple times simultaneously) until it reproduces or dies.

    With reproduction, the gene can continue to be transcribed in the daughter cells, granddaughter cells, etc.

    C. See B above.

    You should not have been asked any of these questions with this wording.

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