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I had a few dreams I would like help with that were all in sequence, some partying others colleagues and career?

1st part I was drinking at a bar at someone's graduation or promotion or wedding?

One guy was like this big shot and drank all of our orders right in frontvm us. Although I thought it was rude, I did not care and he needed it I suppose.

Then we could order. I also did shots in the dream of my choosing. I've never dreamt I did shots before.

I got to select also from the bartenders selection.

2nd part I was back as a movie extra in a helicopter scene but I had to duck and avoid the chopper. The set was reckless. I decided to run as fast as I could away from the front. Then later I had a scene of my ownbwoth some one and it was action. I felt less nervous knowing it was film and not live theater.

3rd part I was in a convertablecwith colleagues at my retail.job. We were watching my scene on a big tv. All I was concerned about was how I looked, and I was happy with my hair. The guy I sometimes don't get along with seemed very intrigued by my scene though.

4th part I was at work looking around for the party and others from the bar.

Last part I had a new job at a resort escorting thecentertainers from their limos but I got lost inside WA dered to the kitchen and bathrooms and just played it off like it was part of a tour. Finally I asked for help and got the guest to the right place.

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    The bar scene: You go easy on a thief who stole your drinks. "He needed t I suppose," so you sided with the actions of this dude. You seem to feel special, as you got to chose the drinks from the bartender..

    The helicopter scene: A reckless scene, dangerous scene, but you don't seem to acknowledge it. You evaluate the status of your danger.

    Your dream shows the different parts of your day and now you are trying to make them all go together. I don;t see anything odd at all about these different dream segments. .

    Big TV scene: You were happy with your hair and made a good impression in the TV scene. You were happy that a guy who doesn't always agree with you, kind of liked your scene.

    4h part speaks for itself

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      Thanks for the BA!

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