My Boss doesn't Like Me Anymore, Should I Talk to Him About it?

So, this isn't a typical boss/employee formal relationship, it was more of a friendship

I invited him and his wife to my wedding, my husband works with me so I had them meeting, they liked each other, he would always joke around when he sees us together.

The problem now is that he doesn't take me seriously at work! We had a meeting and whenever I spoke my opinion on something, he finds away to keep me quiet! Until he actually said: "Your job is to do as ur told & record meetings". (FYI, I amTraining Advisor). He wasn't yelling at me, but he did say it very firmly. So I told my husband about it while crying (BIG MISTAKE), because when my boss ran into my husband at work, he says hi, and my husband doesn't even look at him and walks away

So then my boss felt like something is wrong, he asks me what it is and I told him:

Me:"I didn't appreciate the way you were speaking to me at the meeting".

Boss:"I'm sorry if you THINK I spoke in any way.I apologize"

Me:"I didn't think it, it happened. But we can move forward"

Boss:"So I saw your husband & he didn't say hi back, he just walked away from me"

Me:"Well he's my husband &I was upset."

Boss:"Oh so you TOLD him?!"

Me:"Well, yeah he's my husband &we work together..!&hes a grown man, if he feels something, I'm not gonna force him otherwise"

Boss:"Well..You just ruined a good friendship!"

-So now, my boss doesn't like, my husband hates him cuz he "made me cry", i don't care about the friendship, but I hate coming to work like this..

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  • Merry
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    5 months ago
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    1/. He is your boss - get past the “not typical” friendship you thought you had .. HE IS YOUR BOSS!!!

    2/. He did NOT “make you cry”... no one can physically make you cry unless they stick something in your eye.

    You got upset at being corrected.

    3/. You work with your husband & your boss was your friend ... that’s all a bit too close really if you want to maintain a professional relationship.

    My suggestion ... get a new job

    And typical or not .. you might get on well with your boss - you might even consider them a friend. But never forget they are your boss! Good Luck

    • Sam5 months agoReport

      You're right. Thank you. Hopefully I'll get a new job soon :( Until then, I'm staying ..

  • 5 months ago

    Get the hell out of there, find a job where you are appreciated. ;-)

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    If your boss is a prick get a new job or relocate

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