Should I give up on him?

I’m waiting for a guy to contact me. I used to love him last year and he got in touch with me this year, wanting another chance. One of my ex boyfriends. If he doesn’t call me tonight, should I give up on him and date the other guy I’m interested in? I liked both of them and couldn’t decide who I preferred. The other one is showing more interest than the ex.

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  • Janet
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    6 months ago
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    Love will not even START to grow until you are partners with someone for at least a couple of years.

    I think you are confusing "love" with attachment, attraction, and need .. none of which have anything to do with love.

    You cannot make someone want you or care about you. That is THEIR choice. And most relationships die out sooner or later.

    If HE is not chasing you, don't hold out hope. Let go and move on.

    Besides .. couple who cannot make it work .. break up. That means you and your ex never WERE going to last. Let go.

    As for this "other one" understand that even if you two start dating now, it is highly unlikely that you two will still be dating - or even like each other - 2 years from now.

    The only way to make a relationship work is if we are whole and complete without one.

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  • Dv8s
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    6 months ago

    Do what your heart tells you to do, if one is showing you more interest, go with him. Your ex is an ex for a reason, and just because time has passed, doesn't mean the problems have disappeared. They'll still be there, if unresolved.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I would contact him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to this guy because it will send him a really strong message about how into him you are. Remember, guys rely on getting vibes from you to guide them and to let them know that you like the sorts of things that they are doing for you so they know whether or not to continue pursuing you. Hence, I would do things like compliment this guy, telling him how much you enjoy his company and talk about fun places to go with him on date. All those will give him the vibe that you would like to be more than friends without directly have to ask him out. I really hope this helps :)

    Source(s): Do you think this guy knows how much you like him? Would you say he is switched on when it comes to women or is he clueless?
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    • Rebecca
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      6 months agoReport

      hmm do you know if there are any other girls in his life? If you'd like I'd be happy to help you some more? Would it be ok if I emailed you? If its easier feel free to email me at :)

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