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Would you say I’m a nerd?

So I’ve just moved states and started a new school. I’m a 15 year old girl. I’ve already been labeled the “ nerd freak” at my new school because I enjoy learning, doing school work going to the library and doing my homework. I also have to wear glasses and I don’t dress like the popular girls so they automatically want to bully me. I was told to sit in the table next to the trash at lunch because that’s where the losers sit. But I tend to go to the library and study. I have joined the maths chess and science clubs at school. I also have joined the gaming group in the local town as I enjoy computer games too. Would you call me the school nerd?

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    Yea you're a nerd but the point is that that doesnt matter. It's not bad to be a nerd just like it isnt bad to be popular. It's a character trait and a reflection of your interests. It's totally fine to like math and chess. It's not fine to judge ppl for their interests so it sucks that ppl are being gross to you. Dont take it to heart cause what's most important is you doing what u wanna do. Doesnt matter what anyone thinks as long as you're doing what makes you happy.

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    i mean kinda, but nerd has such negative connotations that it's just tossed around as an insult now. it's actually amazing (and pretty rare) that you enjoy learning lol that can take you super far in life! own being one of the smartest kids around and wear it like a medal, your bullies can't do anything about that!

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    i dont think so and rnaybe theyre jealous, i would turn thern in for bullying you like that

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