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Why do people always insist it's the student's fault for not studying but never could admit when it the teacher's for being a bad one?

My teacher's come to class, talk and laugh with the student's for 59 minutes, then in the last 1 minute say a short sentence about the work and leave. They got their money. The math teacher only taught what her brain could handle, the simplest crap, quadratic equations for a whole 3 months of class. And doesn't come everyday. They MOST CERTAINLY do not do the exam criteria they're supposed to prep students for, then when the student fails, it his or her fault. That's what they pay for. No one can just read a textbook and understand anything, without being taught for years before by a teacher. In order to pass exams. But we are required to do the impossible, do a test, actually pass, when no one ever taught it.

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    Not everyone can learn just by reading the book. There is a reason schools and teachers are how they're supposed to be, if students were supposed to just read the book and do the homework listed in the book and turn it in then what would class be? What are the teachers even there for? Many, if not most, people need to be explained something better than or even simply explained verbally to really understand and remember it.

    Not in all cases, but in your example, I would say your teacher isn't doing the job they are paid to do. First try talking to the teacher, afterwards you can maybe try politely explaining it to your guidance counselor or a different teacher (not the principal right away, they might not have time to listen or look into it and it might seen a bit rude).

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    Depends on the country and what you are teaching. With adult education we tend to get judged on our pass rate. For my work I have to clear at least 80% in order to retain my job. However, modern teaching has turned into a bit of a production line. I am lucky in that I actually get to teach, but those poor saps in secondary school. Riot control.

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    If 95% of the class is passing the course then maybe the problem is you.

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    The teachers are told what to the teacher by the supervisors, the supervisors are told by managers and managers are told by the department fo education.

    The teacher can not just choose what they do they are told what to do.

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    "No one can just read a textbook and understand anything, without being taught for years before by a teacher." - well, that is your problem right there. Most learning MUST be done on your own. Whether you read a book, watch a video or whatever, a teacher can't make you learn something simply by stating it. The teacher is there to help guide you and answer questions and clear up other words help you learn. If they are ignoring your questions and asking for help that is a different story.

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